About Us
Castledown Publishers was founded in 2017 in an effort to work towards academic equality by providing the highest quality research publications for readers, students, academics, and industry all over the world for free.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide quality publications for readers all over the world for free, regardless of their socioeconomic situations. In more affluent countries, libraries pay for rather expensive subscriptions from major publishing conglomerates which academics in these institutions can benefit from, but there are numerous academics from institutions in less developed countries that simply do not have the financial ability to pay for these subscriptions.

We wish we could provide our services completely free of charge to authors (and of course readers!), but we need to cover the various costs associated with publication of research, which we strive to keep to a minimum. All of our journals are available to readers for free, and we offer open access as an option for all of our academic book publications, where authors can choose to make their books free to readers, or they can publish them as a regular publication, which we will make as affordable as possible.
We will donate a percentage of the paper-based versions of the academic books we publish to libraries in OECD-listed developing countries to enable readers everywhere to have the opportunity to access our titles, even if they are not offered as open access. We hope that this gives opportunities to people everywhere to benefit from the work of academics and researchers who dedicate their time, effort, and expertise to disseminate their work.

Our concept has been developed in conjunction with respected academics from around the world who have extensive publishing experience, and we are extremely conscious of the need to avoid being branded as a "predatory publisher" or a "pay to publish anything" publisher. From the outset, we have standards that we will not allow to be compromised, and we endeavour to maintain the strictest ethics in all levels of review of manuscripts for publication. 

Any work that is published must go through a review process by both internal editors and independent external specialists in the field. All reviewers are selected by experienced senior academics in the respective fields, and we are proud of the finished product of everything that we publish. We believe it is the duty of the publisher as much as it is of the author to ensure that quality is maintained at all times, and we will always strive to our utmost to achieve this.