We believe that publishing a book is an extremely important part of being an academic. For that reason, we understand that books should be something to be proud of for the length of your career, not just to satisfy short-term goals. Our editors and production team are trained to make the process as smooth as possible for our authors. 

New Book Series!

We are currently compiling our new academic book series entitled Language Learning Insights edited by Emeritus Professor  David Nunan and Professor  Glenn Stockwell. Information regarding this series may be found here.

Publishing Process

Once a manuscript proposal is received, it will be reviewed by our internal editors before being forwarded for external review. The internal review is expected to take around two weeks, and a further one to two months for the external review. If a manuscript is accepted, authors can discuss feasible dates for receipt of the full manuscript, after which it will undergo editing and layout, which will take a further two to three months after the final manuscript has been received.

Submitting a Proposal

All proposals should be submitted to our Commissioning Editor at Proposals should include the following information:

1. Proposed title
2. Names of all authors with affiliations
3. Rationale for the book
4. List of competition, and overview of how this differs/improve upon these
5. Overview of the book structure, including chapter structure
6. Anticipated length
7. Anticipated time required to complete the manuscript
8. Brief summaries of all chapters
9. If possible, one complete chapter
10. List of potential reviewers
11. Curriculum Vitae and list of publications for all authors

The required information is the same for both monographs or edited volumes.
Book Publishing Formats

We take on two different models for book publishing: regular publication and open access publication. Both will follow exactly the same review process, but the author has the choice of how the book will be marketed. We will market the book to as wide an audience as we possibly can in either model.

Regular Publication

Books that are published as a regular publication require no fees or charges from the authors. Books are sold online through the Castledown Online Store and other international book retailers. Authors are entitled to 5% of income from all book sales, and we will publicise the book through all of our channels to enhance visibility and sales of the book.

Open Access Publication

This is our new publishing model which is designed for maximum exposure of your book, as it is available for free online where anyone can read, cite, or pass on to others anywhere in the world with no cost whatsoever for the readers. Author publishing costs are calculated at $30 per 1000 words (rounded down), and Castledown's open access system enables authors to have unlimited distribution of the electronic version of their book for free, downloaded for free from the Castledown Online Store and other international book retailers, allowing for a far greater distribution of your book. A paper-based version of the book will also be available, which is available in the same way as regular publications. Authors are entitled to 30% of income from all paper-based book sales.

The standards of the review process are identical in either publishing model, and the author does not need to make a decision about which model to adopt until the proposal has been accepted. The author has absolute freedom in choosing the model that they feel is most appropriate to their own needs and circumstances, and we will provide as much support as we can in all cases.