CDG Books​​

We are proud to release the non-academic imprint of Castledown Publishers entitled CDG Books!

We are a new publisher, but we are already gaining respect internationally for our academic publications. Our policy is to provide the fairest possible services we can for authors and readers, which we believe is already reflected in our policies for our existing book and journal publications.

We strongly believe that the time and effort put into writing a manuscript should be reflected in the time and effort of our editorial team to support the author throughout the writing, revising, editing and publication process, and as such we are willing to work closely with our authors throughout this process. We understand the risks involved in publishing, and as such we will only publish manuscripts that have been through a thorough review process to maintain both our brand and the reputation of our authors.

Publishing Process

Once a manuscript proposal is received, it will be reviewed by our internal editors. The internal review is expected to take around three to four weeks. If a proposal is accepted, authors can discuss feasible dates for receipt of the full manuscript, after which it will undergo further review for content and style. Once the editors are satisfied with the content, manuscripts will be submitted for editing and layout, which will take a further two to three months, after which point the book will be published.
Submitting a Proposal

All proposals should be submitted to our Commissioning Editors at . Proposals should include the following information:

1. Proposed title
2. Names of all authors
3. Synopsis of the book
4. Anticipated length
5. Anticipated time required to complete the manuscript
6. A minimum of one complete chapter

Author Benefits

We will be offering all titles as both paper-based and digital publications. For paper-based editions of the book, authors will receive 10% royalties for the first 500 copies sold, 15% for the next, and 20% thereafter, and for all digital publications, authors will receive a flat rate of 20%. We will not release a hardback version of our books unless there is a direct request from the author, as we believe that this unnecessarily raises costs. Digital and paper-based publications would be available through major international online retailers and the Castledown Online Bookstore, and we are also initially targeting book store chains in Australia, the UK, and Europe for the paper-based version.