Our Journals

Our journals are commencing from 2018. Our collection of journals may be viewed at . All of our journals are open access, and 100% free to access.

About Open Access

The concept of publishing articles is changing, and an increasing number of open access journals have appeared over the past few years. Open access requires authors to pay in advance to publish an article, and the article is then typically made available for free to the public. This is an alternative to the traditional model, where individuals or institutions pay for journal subscriptions which enable them to have access to them, usually at a cost of several hundred dollars per yearly subscription, or $30 - $40 to purchase or "rent" an individual article. 

At Castledown, we wish to change the image of what open access means. Many of the major publishers these days introduce some kind of open access plan, but costs are usually between $2000 - $3000 to publish a single article. In contrast, so-called "predatory publishers" charge various rates to publish articles but the quality of the published material may not reach the expectations that academics would hope for. We believe that neither of these are acceptable options.

We strive to maintain pricing that is fair and affordable, allowing for broad dissemination of high-quality published works. The review process for publishing in our journals is extremely stringent, and only articles that meet the standards of the respective editorial and review board will be published. Through open access, it means that on publication, this research is immediately freely available to anyone regardless of their socioeconomic status, whether they are students, full-time or part time staff, or whether they work in fields inside and outside academia. We believe that this gives greater opportunity for links between research and the community of readers for whom it can be the most useful.

Open Access Statement

Castledown Publishers publishes fully open access journals, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication without any cost. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited.

Benefits of open access for authors, include:
- Free access for all users worldwide
- Authors retain copyright to their work
- Increased visibility and readership
- All content available immediately on publication
- No spatial constraints

All articles in all journals are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
Our Dedication to Quality

We are aware of the image that is often associated with open access journals as vanity publishing or lower quality, but we are strongly opposed to this with our journals. All of our journals have their own independent editorial boards that ensure quality of the articles that are published, and all published issues are submitted for inclusion in recognised indexing agencies.

Obviously our journals are just commencing, but we intend to have all of our titles indexed as quickly as we are able, and external quality control reviews will be conducted periodically. Castledown Publishers has zero tolerance for plagiarism or inappropriate practice in conducting or disseminating research, and we will pursue all legal options open to us should such instances be found. 

Publication Fees

We have a standard rate of $225 for every published article in any of the journals in our collection, and there are no costs if a manuscript is not published. All of our journals are subsequently available for free online. Authors and editors should contact our Journal Managing Editor should they wish to have a paper-based version as well. Discounts are available for students in full-time study ($165) and for authors from countries listed in the OECD list of developing countries  (from $125). 

The publishing fee for each article includes:

- Unlimited free access to the article for everyone forever
- Professional layout and production
- Thorough copyediting and proofreading by expert staff
- A unique DOI
- Plagiarism check to ensure academic integrity
- Registration with CrossRef for broad access and visibility
- Archiving with LOCKSS for permanent preservation of content

Please check out our FAQ for more information.

New Journal Proposals

Proposals for new journal titles should be directed to our Journal Managing Editor on . An outline of why the journal is significant and potential editoral board members should be included. Journals are typically expected to be published three to four times per year. We are also able to take on the hosting and publication of existing journals, and are happy to discuss this with editors.