Language Teaching Insights

Series Editors: David Nunan & Glenn Stockwell

The Language Teaching Insights series consists of a range of titles designed for language teachers everywhere, whether they are new to the field or seasoned professionals who would like to broaden their experience with up-to-date perspectives based soundly on research and practice presented in a comprehensive but easy to follow manner.

We are developing practical academic texts that can act as a graduate level coursebook series and a reference guide, providing solid theoretical and empirical foundations for postgraduate level studies.

The series will consist of two parts. The first is to provide a theoretical framework from which readers could branch out into their own specific areas, and the second is planned to be more focused on skills and areas. 
Proposed titles to start off the series are listed below, but titles apart from these are also planned. More information will be posted here as it becomes available. The first of the titles in this series are planned to be published in 2019. A PDF flyer is available here for download.
The first part of the series offers a sound overview in key areas as a solid foundation for understanding the basics in language teaching and learning. Current proposed titles are:

  • Insights into Language Teaching Methodology
  • Insights into Research Methods
  • Insights into Second Language Acquisition Theories
  • Insights into Teaching with Technology
  • Insights into Curriculum and Course Design
  • Insights into Language Testing and Assessment
  • Insights into Psycholinguistics
  • Insights into Cognitive Linguistics
  • Insights into Sociolinguistics
The second part of the series is designed to support teachers with practical ideas based on empirical research that can be immediately implemented into their own teaching and learning environments:

  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Vocabulary
  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Speaking
  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Writing
  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Reading
  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Listening
  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Grammar
  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Pronunciation
  • Insights into Teaching and Learning Culture
Questions or proposals for other titles to include in the series may be directed to the series editors at: