our first year
of academic
Castledown Publishers provides academic publishing services which are designed for our modern perspective of how publishing is evolving in the 21st century. Our first year has seen us publishing three world-class academic journals and releasing our first book series on language teaching and learning. Wait and see what our second year brings!

Founded by academics for academics, we understand the need for the highest quality of service in all of our publications, where our authors can be proud to be associated with us.

Castledown Publishers
All of the journals from Castledown Publishers have their own independent editorial and review boards, and all manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed to ensure the highest quality possible. All titles are open access and freely available for anyone to read anywhere in the world from the moment of publication.

Series Editors: David Nunan & Glenn Stockwell

The Language Teaching Insights series consists of a range of titles designed for language teachers everywhere, whether they are new to the field or seasoned professionals who would like to broaden their experience with up-to-date perspectives based soundly on research and practice presented in a comprehensive but easy to follow manner.